Why we should start using Fitness Bands


Smartphones are getting better day by day. Ten years back smartphones are mainly used for calling and media consumption. Thanks to Android’s open ecosystem. Smartphones are reaching every home because of better connectivity and low-cost availability. Also, now a new category is added in tech known to be Activity tracker or Fitness Band. It’s overgrowing, and recently tech company Xiaomi claims they sold 1 Million Mi Band 3 In India in 6 Months.

Back in November 2016, I bought Mi Band 2. Mi Band 2 is fitness tracker which is priced very competitively at the time of launch. My primary motive was to monitor my excise in Gym like heart rate, steps count. I used Mi Band 2 very aggressively for almost 2-3 Months. By the time the band received several updates. It started working very conveniently with the Android Ecosystem. Mi Band 2 started showing Incoming Calls, Messages, and App Notifications. I stopped doing excise for some time due to lack of time. I am started using it for just Calls, Notification and Alarm Stuff. By the time Mi Band and it’s Android app received more updates, and I received much fat. My weight reached 80 KG which was high considering my Height. In December 2017 I decided to start workout again. However, that’s not easy stuff!

Every morning I was waking up early as possible and started running. Like I said it’s a tough thing to do because we need to stay motivated to do so. I skipped 2-3 days because of lack of motivation.

I started monitoring my step count. Moreover, surprisingly mi band app received a software update to add a friend to compare our progress with our friends and around the world. I set a target of 10000 steps a day. Though it’s not accurate in step count, I keep using the band. It gives me the motivation to exercise regularly and share my progress with my friends. At the end of February, I lost 10 KG. It’s not as fast as I expected, but it does help me a lot, and at the end of April I managed to maintain my BMI with a weight of 67 KG!

The purpose of sharing this story is when I start losing motivation to do excise, and my fitness band helps me to stay motivated. Currently, I upgraded my Band to Mi band 3. It’s doesn’t matter what band we are using If we want to do to exercise fitness help us get motivated nowadays. Folks you can purchase any fitness band like Honor Band, Mi Band or Fitbit don’t worry about its accuracy.


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